Fantasy Baseball 2005 review

As owner of the Jolly Green Giants, a fantasy baseball team in the GFBA, I attended the annual draft yesterday. Like I said, the draft was held live in person for the first time ever and we had decent turnout as well. It was a blast and I am already looking forward to next year’s draft.

Let me say this, if my team turns out to be close to its projected numbers, I think I will have a very good year. While I don’t have many standout stars outside of Pujols, I do have a lot of young players who are due for spectacular seasons. I also have a lot of quality depth…there isn’t a real dropoff anywhere on my roster. I took some quality risks I believe in the later rounds with rookies and other players who have shown promise.

Here is who I drafted…

Catchers (2): Joe Mauer (Twins), Chris Snyder (Diamondbacks)
First Base (1): Albert Pujols (Cardinals)
Second Base (1): Jose Vidro (Nationals)
Third Base (1): Mike Lowell (Marlins)
Shortstop (1): Bobby Crosby (Athletics)
Middle Infielder (1): Jason Bartlett (Twins)
Corner Infielder (1): Dmitri Young (Tigers)
Outfielders (5): Milton Bradley (Dodgers), Miguel Cabrera (Marlins), Coco Crisp (Indians), David Dellucci (Rangers), Nick Swisher (Athletics)
Utility (1): Adam LaRoche (Braves)

For pitchers, my staff looks like this…

Starters (5): Rich Harden (Oakland), A.J. Burnett (Marlins), C.C. Sabathia (Indians), Javier Vazquez (Diamondbacks), Joe Blanton (Oakland)
Relievers (4): Billy Wagner (Phillies), Jose Mesa (Pirates), Mike Gonzalez (Pirates), Brandon League (Blue Jays)

Finally, on my bench and ready for action the second half of my team goes on the DL…

Position Players (1): Placido Polanco (Phillies)
Pitchers (2): Tom Gordon (Yankees), Scot Shields (Angels)

My main focus now is to see if I can improve in any positions. I definitely could use another power bat and I would like to find another starting pitcher to eat up innings. Might be able to trade some of my bullpen arms for help in that area.

This year should be much better then last 🙂