First time isn't perfect

Yesterday I took my first Cisco exam, for the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification, at New Horizons in Nashua. While I knew almost no one passes the first time around (unless you have been working with Cisco equipment a lot longer then I have), I went into the exam feeling optimistic that I would at least hold my own and at worst, use it as a learning experience.

The exam itself was…hard, just as I expected. 55 questions and lots of them on routing protocols. I really could not figure out the simulation questions that dealt with troubleshooting routers, and the advanced stuff on routing protocols really got me mixing up terms between the different protocols. Oops.

I ended up scoring a 524 on the exam out of between 300 and a 1000 possible points. I needed a 849 to pass. Not a great showing (actually pretty bad), but it proved to me three things 1) I got something right, 2) I learned a lot about what to study for next time, and 3) with some work, I can pass this. It wasn’t over my head too much and I know exactly where to target for next time.

Hey it is a good start. Maybe in a month or two I can go back and kick some serious butt. I really don’t think I am that far away from passing it…I just need to study routing protocols a lot more and really work hard at the simulator to figure out these troubleshooting questions.

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  1. Hi,

    Am have the CCNA, CCNP, MCSE and CNE qualifications + 14 years experience and guess what….. I can’t get a job owing to being ‘too overqualified’.


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