It's MARCH, why is there snow?

I just experienced what was probably my worst commute home since I started driving nearly seven years ago. It had rained all night and morning here in Manchester, then switched very quickly over snow with high winds. It was near whiteout conditions by the time I got out of work around 5pm.

I decided that my best bet to get home from South Willow Street was taking Rt-101W to Rt-293N, and then take my exit. A local radio station confirmed this choice, as Elm Street and Bridge Street (which is my usual backup route) were backed up thanks to accidents. Under normal conditions, this takes 15 minutes.

The highway was completely covered with white, with the exception of occassional tire tracks that wore through to the pavement. Traffic was at an absolute crawl, I think I hit 15 mph twice the whole trip. I luckly was in the right lane the whole time, which gave me easy access to the two exits I would have to take to get home. For once, I was actually glad to be in the slow lane barely moving…it meant less of a chance of me getting in an accident, even though it was prolonging how long I was on the road.

My exit was downright awful. It looked like it was plowed maybe a hour or two prior. I probably went down that exit and then the main street leading to my condo complex going 5-10 mph the whole way. Traffic was heavy, but no accidents that I saw.

I finally got home around 6pm, which was a full hour after I left work. Thankfully no accident.

Now I must worry about Katie leaving work. She left at 6:20pm and is traveling almost the same exact route that I did (getting onto Rt-293), as her backup route had a ton of accidents and was completely backed up.

Let’s hope she makes it home fine, I’m sure this is the worst weather she’s driven in.

Update: She made it. Phew.