No more zip builds

Apparently is not releasing zip versions of its Firefox and Thunderbird releases anymore. It looks like there are a lot of problems when zip versions are installed and then an installer version is installed ontop of them.

I should note first, I don’t use the zip builds, I use the installer. However…

This is a very very very bad decision, as the zip builds have a ton of uses. These are the ones I can think of just off the top of my head:

  1. Those who hate installers and don’t like anything installed on their computer using an installer.
  2. Those who like to have different versions on their computer
  3. The Portable Firefox and Portable Thunderbird projects
  4. Those who don’t have the rights to install Firefox and/or Thunderbird on their computer (such as at work) made a huge mistake here. They took the easiest way possible to solve their issues with zip builds, instead of making it a little harder for those who shouldn’t use zip builds to find them.

Why not just create a sub directory just for zip files? I don’t understand the logic of getting rid of zip builds.

Also, don’t get me start on the fact that no one from announced this big change beforehand. You would think after past communication issues they would be smarter about big changes like this.

Chase’s blog has a (late) announcement of the change, while the MozillaZine forums has a Firefox thread and a Thunderbird thread dealing with the topic.

One thought on “No more zip builds

  1. What I don’t get is why the builds are any different? Doesn’t the installer just basically unzip the build and run it? Why should the process be any different, or the binaries different, between the two?

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