Nothing like music

You would think that being an alumi of an university radio station would make me very interested in discovering new bands and be obsessive with collecting music. For some reason, since I graduated, I have hardly put any effort into discovering bands. Boycotting local radio stations doesn’t help, but who needs corporate radio these days with iTunes and streaming audio. The problem is I haven’t even invested time into checking out new artists on iTunes or listen to streaming audio.

Not surprisingly, additions to my music collection have gotten pretty sparse over the past 7 or so months, to the point where I only buy music from bands I am already a fan of.

Why is this the case? Working a lot plays a huge part into it. Seeing how I am not in the office much, I am unable to take advantage of my time at the desk and listen to streaming audio of some net radio station. Since I am in the car a lot, I refuse to listen to corporate radio stations, which narrows down my listening habits to a pretty good sports radio station…which doesn’t help too much when it comes to discovering new bands.

Then there is iTunes. Great for listening to 30-second clips of unknown artists, but it is tough to form an opinion of a song with just 30 seconds of a song, especially when the 30 seconds isn’t an interesting part of the song. Seeing how money doesn’t grow on trees, it seems pretty foolish to throw $0.99 around on bands I don’t know a thing about. I could find the band on iTunes, then visit their web site and hope they offer at least full streaming versions of a couple of their songs. However, that takes time and time is in short supply these days.

Back in the day (what, 3 years ago? Man that is sad…), was pretty decent for trying out new bands, because there was no risk (note: this was before they sold themselves out and lost what rebellious nature they had). I could listen to a full song of any song of any band/artist. I could then download that said song for free and listen to it on any MP3 player to figure out if I really liked it. You know how much music I went through during that time? I estimate I probably listened to close to 500 unknown bands. Assuming I did like the band, I was willing to purchase that band’s CD.

How to solve this issue is really bugging me. The classic albums I love are great and I will never give them up, but at some point there is only so many new and inspirational things you can hear the 1,000,000th time “Losing My Religion” hits ones’ eardrums…I need to diversify and find new bands.

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