This isn't good

The past few months my laptop’s fan has been making a loud vibrating noise. Seeing how the fan seemed to be working fine as well as everything looking ok from what I could see inside the laptop, I didn’t do anything to get it fixed despite it being under warranty. The main reason for not getting it fixed now was because I would have to be without my laptop for a week or two and I use it for work. The perfect time to get it fixed in my opinion would be in May when I take my vacation and go down to Nashville with my family.

Well it just got a lot worse. Now it sounds like something is loose inside the fan and bouncing around as the fan turns. The vibrating noise got a whole lot louder too.

I might have to get this repaired sooner then I thought. Doing a backup right now just in case the fan goes and the laptop overheats.

Zombie computers

Neil has a good breakdown on what needs to be done to stop a growing epidemic in the computer world: zombie computers. All of his suggestions are great, but I think he left out a few things:

I would these to his list:

  1. Improved education: Right now pretty much everything a person learns about computers is either through trial and error, learning from a slightly more savy friend or family member, or from a teacher of some kind. Trial and error stinks for a new computer user; it is great when you know enough to fix an issue that you created. Learning from a slightly savy friend or family member often spreads half truths and FUD, unless they are experienced in the field. Learning from a teacher can either be downright disasterous or excellent…there is usually very little middle ground. What we need is better education of computer users so they are more prepared to handle their computer’s security. You would be amazed how few people actually know they have to renew their antivirus software every year or go out to Windows Update to keep their computer patched.
  2. Require firewalls on all Internet connections: Even better, have the broadband companies offer a free router or at worst, charge a rental fee like the cable modem. All broadband internet connections should have a separate hardware firewall (like a wireless router) between their Internet connection and their home computer. This simple step, which costs about $50 at your local BestBuy, will protect computers from worms like Blaster and all but the most determined from breaking into your computer. It isn’t perfect, as it doesn’t stop viruses sent on web sites or by e-mail, but it closes down one major security hole in most homes. I still am shocked at how many people plug a computer that hasn’t had antivirus updates or Windows updates in years into their broadband connection.

Just these steps alone will cut down on a ton of the issues that broadband users have to face.

Flickr bought by Yahoo

Flickr has been bought by Yahoo.

Sounds very interesting. I like Flickr a lot for my limited tryout of their free account, but I never went to pay for the Pro account. Interested to see what improvements Yahoo does to the service…it might be enough to get me to plunk down some $$$ and sign up.

The great thing about Flickr is how open they are with their system, which allows you to do some really cool stuff like include your Flickr pictures on your blog automatically.

I hope they offer a way to buy prints of photos (like what Shutterfly offers), that is one feature I always thought was lacking with Flickr that would have made perfect sense.

Why not us too?

Except for a brief resergence around 2001-2002, the Boston Celtics have been pretty much out of the picture in the Boston sports scene since the end of the Larry Bird era. I watched a lot of games during those years, through the awful M.L. Carr coached team to the Pitino false promises years to the bombs away years of Jim O’Brien. Now its Danny Ainge’s and Doc Rivers’ turn at this. Except this time, they are delivering what they promised: exciting basketball that remembers everyone of the old days.

The Celtics are 10-1 since the return of Antoine Walker. They have played with passion, they never give up, and they have infected all of us fans.

Can we dream of #17? Of course we can!

So I must ask the question…it may sound familar, because of a band of “idiots” coined the term last fall…but it fits this team perfectly.

Why not us?

The basketball world is against us, but you can never say never. The Red Sox proved it and the Celtics can very well prove it again.