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One of the great strengths of Mozilla Firefox is its extensions ability, which allows you to easily modify Firefox to meet your needs. This allows Firefox to be a lean mean browsing machine, yet be as complex as needed for those out there that need every feature possible.

I have never personally used many extensions, as the basic Firefox fits my browsing needs very well. However, I just discovered two extensions that fix behaviors in Firefox that have either annoyed me or seem so elementary that I don’t understand why they aren’t in Firefox by default.

Here they are for your own enjoyment:

Disable Targets for Downloads 0.9

This extension fixes an annoying bug in Firefox when you use single browsing mode. when you sometimes click on a link to download a binary file (such as a .exe file or a .zip file) that opens up a new tab that is blank. This extension fixes that bug. So far so good, I haven’t had this problem since!

miniT (drag+indicator) 0.5

This modified version of miniT is simple: it allows you to drag tabs around the tab bar into the order you want them. While dragging, a little indicator arrow shows you where the tab will go. Simple and effective. Why Firefox doesn’t do this by default amazes me.

A slight hint when it comes to looking for extensions. I always prefer extensions that keep it simple by focusing on one particular area and doing it well (which is what Firefox excels at with browsing). Search for extensions that do exactly what you want, when you want it. Not only does it make life easier using these extensions, it cuts down on the number of bugs that an extension could cause with your installation of Firefox and cuts down on the headaches.

2 thoughts on “Simple little extensions

  1. I agree. Firefox is remarkably mature for a 1.0 product (mainly because it is so well designed and the fact that it is based on some pretty stable Mozilla code to begin with), but these quirks should be fixed in the future IMHO so extensions aren’t needed.

    That is the beauty of extensions really. For things like this that should be in Firefox to begin with but aren’t, they are easy to add/fix.

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