That was quick

So yesterday afternoon, I received a call from the auto body shop working on my car. I was pleasantly surprised that my car was ready and that I could pick it up after work. I was told previously they were actually going to start work on my car yesterday and complete work on it next Friday.

According to the auto body shop, the job turned out to be not as time consuming as they thought it would be, so they were able to squeeze me in and replace the door much quicker. To give an idea on how backed up they were, non-drivable cars are being backlogged into April.

So I have my car back, it seems like it is brand new. They repainted both passenger-side doors and a deep scratch (from before I bought the car) on the front passenger-side door is gone to my absolute delight. Can’t even tell it was in an accident.

I’m psyched. Only disappointment about this is that I can’t drive the Nissan Altima anymore as my rental car (I put 1,000 miles on it). Maybe as my next car in a few years I can get one.