Why not us too?

Except for a brief resergence around 2001-2002, the Boston Celtics have been pretty much out of the picture in the Boston sports scene since the end of the Larry Bird era. I watched a lot of games during those years, through the awful M.L. Carr coached team to the Pitino false promises years to the bombs away years of Jim O’Brien. Now its Danny Ainge’s and Doc Rivers’ turn at this. Except this time, they are delivering what they promised: exciting basketball that remembers everyone of the old days.

The Celtics are 10-1 since the return of Antoine Walker. They have played with passion, they never give up, and they have infected all of us fans.

Can we dream of #17? Of course we can!

So I must ask the question…it may sound familar, because of a band of “idiots” coined the term last fall…but it fits this team perfectly.

Why not us?

The basketball world is against us, but you can never say never. The Red Sox proved it and the Celtics can very well prove it again.