1-800 Contacts is awsome. I ordered contacts for the first time online tonight because of them. The contact I use in my right eye was impossible to find online…I actually had to e-mail customer service to ask them if they carried it. Turns out, it’s name had changed. No wonder I couldn’t find it. Customer […]


Something is wrong with me. For the second time in a week, I purchased a pair of shoes. The first pair last week was some shoes for work. Today, I purchased some sneakers for when I am at home. To give you an idea on how rare of an event this is…my previous pair of […]


This week’s episode of 24 was simple amazing. Who knew Cloe was a badass? Any show that has me missing most of the 2nd half of Game 2 (Celtics/Pacers) has got me completely hooked. Pisses me off though the Celtics lost. These Pacers played tough tonight, but I doubt they can do that for the […]

Hello Thunderbird…again

Well…a week or so ago I decided to switch to Gmail. Well, it didn’t last long and I came crawling back to Mozilla Thunderbird. I guess it boils down to that I am never satisified 100% with anything computer related. I try to force myself to use say a particular program, but it turns out […]

Support multiple address books in Thunderbird

I asked a question on the MozillaZine Thunderbird forums that I thought would have an answer. Simply, I want the ability to whitelist multiple address books in the Junk Mail Controls Window. This would allow me to separate my personal e-mail contacts from my mailing list e-mail addresses, while both are whitelisted so they won’t […]