iTunes annoyances

Neil has a great little post on iTunes and what is annoying about it. This is from a loyal iTunes user who like any piece of software has a few issues with it.

Here is my annoyances list since iTunes has been my default audio player since it came out. A lot of these Neil mentions too, but I have a few additions.

  • CPU Usage & Memory: iTunes is currently taking up between 1-3% of my CPU and 43.9 MB of memory right, minimized to the system tray. I can understand a heavy GUI taking up CPU and memory when its open, but that is sad when it does it minimized.
  • Sound Check: Sound Check works fairly well. Winamp has nothing like it that works remotely as well. In fact, that is why I don’t use Winamp. But it maddens me beyond belief when it doesn’t get the volume right and a song ends up sounding very low on my car stereo. I turn up the volume to hear that song and then of course get blasted beyond oblivion on the next song. Adopt ReplayGain please…I never quite figured out why Sound Check was developed when there was a much better alternative already designed.
  • Startup times: Slower then Winamp, but worth the wait. Still, it should start up a tad faster, especially if you happen to have an audio CD in the drive.
  • Lack of notification windows: It would be nice if iTunes popped up and told me what song was playing. When you have a big library, sometimes it takes more then a few seconds to recognize a song.
  • Plugins: There is an SDK, but I really wish there was an easy way to find, install, and use plugins. Doesn’t it sound counter intuitive to go to the Visualizer menu to turn on Audioscrobbler?
  • Foobar would win me over if I had a much easier way of customizing it and if I could get it to play iTunes Music Store songs without cracking the DRM. But all of those free songs via the Pepsi caps are too important to not play.

    Let’s hope iTunes 5 or even better, 4.8 has major improvements in these areas.

Edit: I’m dumb. Added a link to Neil’s post.

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