Support multiple address books in Thunderbird

I asked a question on the MozillaZine Thunderbird forums that I thought would have an answer. Simply, I want the ability to whitelist multiple address books in the Junk Mail Controls Window. This would allow me to separate my personal e-mail contacts from my mailing list e-mail addresses, while both are whitelisted so they won’t get caught by the junk mail filter.

However, it looks like it is currently impossible to whitelist multiple address books. I have filed Bugzilla Bug 291661 with hopes that this feature will be added to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Update: Oops, looks like I duped a bug. Bug 187771 is the one that deals with whitelisting multiple address books.

2 thoughts on “Support multiple address books in Thunderbird

  1. I just want to do a simple thing – find my Thunderbird address book which has suddenly disappeared – which file is it?
    Thanks so much

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