Local H in Nashville

Figures, 24 hours after leaving Nashville, one of my favorite bands of all-time is playing in Nashville. Worst off, my brother Justin is at the concert as I write this. I swear one of these days I will attend a Local H concert. I’ll just listen to Pack Up The Cats while I whimper at […]

Back from Nashville

As you all probably guessed, I returned to New Hampshire from Nashville, TN very very very early this morning. Of course, only in New Hampshire, outside the airport looked like it just had rained and it felt like it was 40 degrees. It was an eventful trip home and could have been even more eventful […]

Heading home

Nashville has been beautiful the past few days and in a way, I am sad that I am leaving. Had a relaxing morning at the bro’s apartment. We are going to go downtown for one last meal here and then head to the airport. Won’t get into Manchester until midnight, so I’ll post tomorrow.

Last night

Nashville has been spectacular so far. Perfect weather and great vacation, except when we saw the Grand Ole Opry show…I went over my country music quota by 500% on that one. Fly back tomorrow early evening. First to Atlanta then up to New Hampshire. It will be good to be home again. I’m sure Katie […]

Day 2

What a beautiful day in Nashville. Couldn’t really ask for a better one. Woke up at what would have been 7:15 am back home (the normal time I wake up), instead over here it is 6:15 am. DOH! Had a good breakfast provided by the hotel and then went on a tour of Vanderbult University […]


Nothing makes you more mad then when you wake up in the morning and realize it is 6am, but you are wide awake because it is 7am back home. Blah. Breakfast was good (Holiday Inn’s are always great when it comes to that). Going to head out and see Vanderbult with my parents and Danny. […]

Off to Nashville

I am off to Nashville until Monday to help my brother Justin move down there for his internship. Those of you who know my cell phone number can give me a ring anytime, those of you who know my e-mail address can drop me an e-mail. Should be a blast!