Day 2

What a beautiful day in Nashville. Couldn’t really ask for a better one. Woke up at what would have been 7:15 am back home (the normal time I wake up), instead over here it is 6:15 am. DOH! Had a good breakfast provided by the hotel and then went on a tour of Vanderbult University with my brother Danny who is looking into colleges. What a beautiful university…probably the prettiest one I have been to. Top notch school too, it is sick what students have to be capable of to make that school. The scariest part is Danny could get accepted if he is interested in that school, which it sounded like he was.

After that, we went to a resturant called Hog Heaven. Remember that thing about looks aren’t everything? That fully applies there…the place looked like a run down shack from 1920. But they had a huge reputation as one of the best rib resturants in the city and they did not disappoint.

After that, we spent 50 minutes walking back to the hotel (note to self: don’t ever do that again, what a long and boring walk) while Justin and Erich checked into their apartment. We relaxed at the hotel and just took it easy for awhile since we were already exhausted.

After we ate dinner tonight after another ribs resturant, Erich and I came back to his place to relax and take it easy. Justin and Danny went out to a local hardcore concert, while the parents went to “experience” Nashville (ie: country music).

Note to self: Erich murdered me on Mario Golf…