Do or die

Tonight is the most important game of the season for the Boston Celtics. Their backs are against the wall, there really is no tomorrow. They must win to force a Game 7 vs. the Indiana Pacers.

Given what this series has shown so far, no one knows what is going to happen. It could be a blowout by either team. It could be a close win by either team. Or anything in between. Heck, no one can even agree on the starting lineup for the Celtics.

My theory on tonight? Look for the Celtics to be constantly changing up their game plan, making the Pacers adapt to them instead of the other way around. Look for the Celtics to try small ball, big ball, and everything in between. Look for the Celtics to play great defense.

My guess? We will see a Game 7 on Saturday.

Why not us?