Head gasket and car inspections

Imagine my surprise when my car failed inspection because the month on the license plate isn’t May (because the plates were originally under my Dad’s name) and May stickers weren’t sent to me by the city when I registered my car. Talk about a lame excuse for failing inspection.

On top of that, apparently the head gasket needs to be replaced due to an oil leak. $875 is the cost. I’m not thrilled about that one bit. Luckly they said I didn’t need to get it done on the spot, else I would have flipped.

My Dad has a friend who he completely trusts for car service and I am going to get it checked out by him. He says that if the link is minor, it makes no sense to get it repaired. We’ll see.

I hope it is minor. If it is $875 (plus some other minor repairs that need to be done), it might be more worth looking at a new car.

I hate cars.