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I downloaded the newest media player to enter the market, Yahoo! Music Engine, after reading a really convincing review by Ian Rogers who helped develop this piece of software.

I thought I would give it a shot. It sounded really promising and it couldn’t hurt to try.

Well, here are my initial thoughts:

  • Took 10 seconds to start with an empty playlist and library. Not good.
  • 42,348k of memory taken with the opening screen open. Uh oh….
  • Very clean interface. The UI seems decent so far.
  • Memory went up to 46,488k and CPU jumped to a consistant 10% when I added one song to the library and played it. Oh man…
  • At least they got it right when its minimized (hello iTunes). 0% CPU usage and 5,680k of memory.
  • The menu’s are amazingly uncluttered and with only stuff that people will use. Nice work…
  • Let’s check out the preferences…
  • WTF, why does it have Yahoo Music Engine set to launch on startup by default? Uncheck…
  • An option to normalize music. Wonder how it does that (please please please say ReplayGain and not some stupid self-developed option that does a horrible job) and if it normalizes even when you burn a CD. Of course the help file is very unhelpful when it comes to this. How hard is it to do ReplayGain like Foobar and actually play music that doesn’t have big volume changes even when this option is selected (hello iTunes Sound Check)
  • Whoa, you can encode with OGG and FLAC. Take that Apple and Microsoft!
  • Ok, there are plugins and a nice list of them pre-installed. However, there appears to be no options for these plugins? No hint on what any of them do other then the title.
  • Portable devices lists the Nero Fast CD-Burning plugin as its device. Ok…so what does that do? Something with CD burning…but no options controlling it and nothing that tells me anything about it.
  • Won’t play my free iTunes songs courtsey of Pepsi. Won’t burn them to CD so I can play them on my car stereo. Won’t sync them with an iPod even if I had one.
  • Uninstall

A good first step for Yahoo…but a lot of work needs to be done.

5 thoughts on “Yahoo Music Engine

  1. By Law, The Yahoo Music Engine cannot play Music purchased from the iTunes Music Store. The free music from Pepsi is considered purchased music.

  2. After downloading yahoo music engine and subscribing to the service I found I was unable to get the music engine to start. Needless to say three weeks later I am still unable to get the damn thing to start. I checked to make sure I had Windows Media Player 10 and turned my privacy settings down. I have sent them logs and they still seem unable to help. These are the last few lines from the log file. I’m running XP home SP2.

    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[600]: SplashScreenWindow::OnSetText Starting up…
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[1880]: IRMPMainWebServiceAuthImpl::onGetCredentials (0 1 ”)
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[1880]: IRMPMainWebServiceAuthImpl::GetCredentials username = ”
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[1880]: IRMPMainWebServiceAuthImpl::GetCredentials failed. Error = ‘Invalid cookies. Check login state.’
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: YMPCoreSubsystem::PostGUIInitialize
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: GracenoteInterface::Initialize(f8bb20) creating CLSID_CDDBYahooControl
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: GracenoteInterface::Initialize using cache path C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataYahooYMP
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: GracenoteInterface::Initialize(f8bb20) setting client info
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: GracenoteInterface::Initialize error 2147746132 creating link manager
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: GracenoteInterface::Initialize completed 80040154
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: YMPCoreSubsystem::PostGuiInitialize: Failed to initialize gracenote 80040154
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: YMP::InitializeGUI failed PostInitializeGUI(2147746132)
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: YMP::FreeObjects Freeing Objects
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: YMPGUISubsystem::FreeObjects
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: YMPCoreSubsystem::FreeObjects
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: YMP::FreeObjects Freeing Objects phase 2
    06-08-05 17:58:10.656[504]: YahooMusicEngine (Build 109 Win32 en-us)(May 17 2005 07:43:25) Shutdown

    Anyone out there have any ideas?

  3. for some reason, i cannot find any way to uninstall yahoo music engine or anything that came with it from my computer. its like they came as ghost files…the whole thing is slowing my computer down considerably and their help site, of course, is no help at all. how do i go about uninstalling? thanks!

  4. To uninstall Yahoo Music Engine, or Jukebox, you must access the folder on your hard drive. Go to >C: >Program Files >Yahoo! >Yahoo! Music Engine. Find a file named “uninstall.exe” (no quotes). Double-click it, then follow the prompts. Here is the default local address:
    C:Program FilesYahoo!Yahoo! Music Engine
    You can paste the address into your browser to access the correct folder – then find uninstall.exe..

  5. My Music Engine has been working fine until recently. I got over the fact that you cannot play purchased iTunes music on the jukebox, however for two days I have been trying to purchase only two songs. My express checkout screen comes up and my credit card is billed with no music actively being downloaded. After searching high and low on the net for a customer service telephone number, I am greeted with yet another automated service that suggests that I make any inquiries about “free services” online. I called back to choose the “premium services” options so that I could get someone on the line (I did spend $2.97 for products I never received) and I just missed 6PM deadline. What a friggin nightmare. I am getting rid of the music engine! Thanks to this website, I was able to find out how to uninstall the damned thing. It’s just too much of a headache!

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