Apple switching to Intel

I’m probably the last one on the planet to blog about Apple switching to Intel. To me the switch makes total sense for Apple.

Keep in mind that Apple isn’t doing this as their #1 option…this is a last resort because IBM failed to keep their promises by improving the PowerPC chips quickly enough.

Keep in mind Apple has indicated that OS X has been running on Intel chips ever since it came out. That means it has already encountered and fixed many problems that would come with the switchover. That also means that they are prepared for handling the transition. A 2-year timetable seems perfect.

Keep in mind Apple has seemed to work out a way for the transition to be as seemless as possible. PowerPC applications will be able to run on Intel machines without major difficulty. Many applications can be simply recompiled into “fat binaries.”

Keep in mind that PowerPC computers will still be around for many years. Apple won’t ditch their loyal customers anytime soon who are stuck on PowerPC machines until technology advances too far for the PowerPC machines to keep up with their Intel counterparts.

Keep in mind this could very well lead to lower prices.

Keep in mind I imagine some really cool designs will come out of this for the first Intel-based computers…Apple will want to add their trademark touch but make them even newer and more exciting. After all, they will have to convince a huge install base to switch over to a completely new architecture. I can’t wait to see the inovations to come about by this.

This switch has been long rumored and is finally here. I say enjoy it and let me say this. I will be in line for the first Intel Mac’s assuming they are as good as they could possibily be.