iPod Mini

I am now the proud owner of an iPod Mini.

I had a little extra cash laying around and it had been a long time since I bought a new toy to play with. At first I thought about getting a Mac, but I decided to wait on that. The iPods just tempted me too much.

So I went to BestBuy to see their iPods in stock. Well, there was that kid at the counter who seemed like a total idiot when it came to this stuff and the fact that half of the iPods that were supposedly on display weren’t there (leaving the counter a little bare).

Katie and I decided while looking there that we would take a trip to Salem, NH and try to find the Apple Store there. Turns out it is at the Rockingham Park mall.

What a beautiful store. I had never been to an Apple Store before, but it lived up to its hype.

After looking around for about 20 minutes, I went to business. I narrowed down my choices to an 20 GB iPod and a Silver 4 GB iPod Mini.

In the end, the price tag ($199) and the slightly smaller form factor won me over. I bought an iPod Mini, along with one of those FM transmitters/chargers for the car, the extended warranty, and a case for the iPod (which I may return, haven’t decided yet).

So far, I am very satisified with my purchased. Put the CD in, followed the instructions, and loaded up iTunes. What a great piece of hardware.

This will be great for listening to music while I’m driving to clients. When I get to a client, put the small iPod mini in my pocket so I won’t lose it. Plug it back in when I get back to the car and go to the next client.

After a few years of not discovering much to listen to, I think I will be working on that 🙂 I should try out podcasting as well.

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  1. Hey Chris… good to hear that you’ve discovered the Apple retail store in Salem. I also have an iPod mini and I swear by it. I’m putting some of the stuff I learned at school to use in getting it to interface with my Saab 9-5; Steve Jobs is a marketing genius.


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