Software update progress

Ben has posted a preliminary screenshot of the Software Update Notification UI for Firefox.

Some early thoughts:

  1. When does this notification appear? Does it appear at startup before Firefox is opened? Because if it requires a user to click on the big red blob in the upper right-hand corner of Firefox, it has failed the grandma test. This notification should appear at startup just like Trillian does when it needs an update…make the user focus on it and not dismiss it.
  2. The big exclamation mark about the update possibily breaking themes and extensions should not be there. It makes the update scary and not inviting, which is the exact opposite reaction Firefox should be getting. In fact, users will expect Firefox to be smart enough to install updated versions of themes and extensions that do work with the update automatically without user intervention. Keep in mind, the average user will not take the time to update their theme and extensions, all they will notice is their theme or extension not working. Firefox must get this right.
  3. Rename the “Download & Install” button to “Update Firefox.” Makes it more clearer what the button does.
  4. Delete “It is strongly recommended that you upgrade Firefox as soon as possible by clicking Download & Install ยป.” Just say “Click on the ‘Update Firefox’ to begin. This should take only a few moments.”

Other then that, great work! Keep it up!

One thought on “Software update progress

  1. Good points. The message about extensions should really only be shown if there are actually extensions that will not work, in my opinion – if updates are available it should download those too.

    That would possibly create the problem where someone has Firefox update itself and an extension which has a bug in – it would then make it more difficult to track down the cause of the bug since it would be harder to tell whether it was caused by the new version of Firefox or the extension. Multiply that by several extensions and there might be a big problem.

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