The 4th and assorted notes

Some assorted notes on the upcoming 4th of July and this weekend.

  • Don’t know how I missed this, but as of a few days ago it has been exactly one year since I moved in with Katie. Pretty amazing that it has already been a year. Let’s hope it is a lot more!
  • Katie and I both got tomorrow off for a 4-day weekend. Pretty rare that we both get to enjoy a long weekend.
  • We are taking advantage of the long weekend and heading up to Sunapee for a few days. I will have computer access of course, gotta love Wi-Fi.
  • Did anyone else hear one of the Red Sox owners on the Red Sox Pre-Game show say that the town of Sunapee, NH asked if the World Series trophy could be part of the celebration? I need to find out more! Who would have thought, the world series trophy visiting home?
  • After Saturday night, we are coming back to Manchester for a day and then heading out Sunday morning to Hampton for the day/night with Katie’s sister. Should be fun.
  • Podcasts rock.