Top 10 Requests for iTunes 5

iPodlounge has an article titled iTunes 5: Our Top Ten Requests.

I would add 3 simple requests to theirs:

  1. Fix Sound Check: Use ReplayGain, which is far more accurate in making every song’s volume stay the same and does not degrade the sound quality. Also add an album mode.
  2. Gapless support: Make it enjoyable to listen to an entire Pink Floyd album without hearing a 1/2 second gap between tracks.
  3. Toast pop-up: I would love it if a little Toast window popped up in the bottom right-hand corner when a song changes, complete with artist, song, album, and the album artwork.

That is all I ask. Please Apple, do this for my sanity!

3 replies on “Top 10 Requests for iTunes 5”

In terms of Pink Floyd, my iPod’s shuffle mode has an irony to it and makes Another Brick in the Wall Part II come on when I pull into Stevens High School… Strange. 🙂

Gapless works: just turn on crossfading in iTunes’ preferences and set the time to 0 seconds. That’s it!

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