Walking off the ledge

The past few days I have been trying to deal with the issue of my car insurance rates going up.

A day ago I e-mailed the lady at my local State Farm agency who I dealt with a year ago when I first got insurance through them.

The e-mail was long, but basically stated that I was being treated as if I was a 23-year-old punk kid who can’t drive just because of one accident in bad weather when I was only given 50% fault. I told her that my 6+ years of a perfect driving record (never have been pulled over, never until recently got into an accident) should have more bearing in my insurance rate. I also stated that I was far from the typical 23-year-old when it comes to driving safely and that I was very mature. Basically, the odds of me getting into another accident were next to nill for a long time…why jack up my rates so much that I would want to leave?

I then threatened to leave them and go to a competitor who offered a rate very similar to what I was getting before the accident happened.

Well I got an e-mail today back from her. She and another agent sat down and re-read everything about my accident, my driving record, etc. Turns out, they decided that I was not at fault for that accident and that State Farm made a mistake previously. Furthermore, my driving record will be wiped clean and I will regain all of the discounts I lost because of the accident. It will be as if I was never given fault for the accident.

I had always felt that I never had any fault in that accident, where bad weather and me reacting to another car sliding off the road caused me to get into the accident. This finally proves that I was right all along.

The e-mail shocked me. I actually dreaded reading it, thinking the odds of anything good in it being next to nill. Given all of the horror stories you hear about insurance companies, it is nice to once in awhile get ahold of someone who is human and who cares enough to help you out.

3 thoughts on “Walking off the ledge

  1. Sweet, although I would be a bit annoyed at the fact that you were assigned half of the blame for the accident initially.

  2. I tried to argue my way out of that at the time with no success.

    I think part of that had to do with dealing with some no-name at their headquarters. Outside of the inital accident call to my local agency, I dealt soley with their headquarters wherever it is. To them, I was just a case #.

    This time, I went directly to my local agent that I initally dealt with to get insurance…she happened to be the office manager too. I’m sure as a local agent they did not want to lose a client over something like this.

    Either way, I’m happy it is resolved.

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