E-ZPass arrives in NH

Guess I am lucky.

NH drivers could start using E-ZPass on July 11th and you could buy the tags for $5 until the 16th (yesterday), where they were going to go up to $22+ shipping and handling. Well the deadline was extended to August 3rd after it was learned the price increase couldn’t be done in time to allow the system be implimented smoothly.

So thanks to the extension, I just ordered my E-ZPass tonight. I had to spend $5 for the tag, then put $30 into my account. Once that balance goes below $10, they will automatically refill my account based on usage patterns.

The days of looking for tokens, loose change, or $1 are now over when going into tolls.

One thought on “E-ZPass arrives in NH

  1. Yeah. I’m pretty excited about it… No more having to take 3A every time I want to go to Manchester because I have no cash on me. 🙂

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