FeedLounge Alpha tester

Yesterday I received an e-mail from FeedLounge basically saying that if I am one of 100 people to reply first to the e-mail I would get an invitation to try out the alpha. So I replied, even though according to my clock I was 10 minutes behind and probably was going to be screwed.

Well, I got my invitation in the e-mail and signed up. I have only been using it for about a hour with a limited # of feeds, but I am extremely impressed. Bloglines on steriods is definitely the right way to put it. AJAX in all of its glory. A little slow loading sometimes, but I think that is due to it being alpha…it will definitely get better.

On another note, I realized just how maddening it is to not have full feeds while using FeedLounge, especially in 3-column glory. Turning my blog’s feeds onto full text now. Scoble can add another blog onto his list.

I will blog more about FeedLounge as I go along with it.

One thought on “FeedLounge Alpha tester

  1. Massive massive jealousness on my part. I didn’t get the email until waaaaaay too late because it was threatening to storm up here and I had the computer off… AND THEN Thunderbird decided the email message was spam! I swear, I’m destined never to see FeedLounge. 🙁

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