It couldn't wait any longer

My laptop has had a very loud and noisy fan for the past few months, but I have been trying to stretch it out until I had some time off to get it repaired without missing it for work. This past week it started to give an overheating message about once every day or two on bootup and you can hear the fan trying to start up and fail. Usually though after a reboot it is fine.

Today I have had to reboot my computer 10 times in a row to get the fan jump started. I just got the laptop finally booted up without overheating and I am doing an emergancy backup of my data to my external HD now. Then I’m taking a trip to Best Buy to get it sent in for repair (covered by warranty).

Luckly I have a work laptop that while clearly inferior it will have to do the job while this gets repaired. However until I get everything setup on it (maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow) expect me to be online infrequently.