Not impressed with Virtual Earth

Microsoft has launched Virtual Earth and just like Joe Hewitt, I am utterly disappointed to say the least.

If you look at my apartment in Manchester, NH you can zoom in closer with a lot more detail compared to Google Maps…but it is in black and white!!! Is this the 1980s?

All of NH as far as I can tell is black and white. Props for the greater detail in some areas like Manchester, but black and white is useless to me. Note that Google Maps is actually worse in this regard: it has color, but no detail whatsoever.

Fenway Park in Google Maps is excellent and in full color. With Virtual Earth? Fenway Park
looks like an aerial view from the 1940s.

Disappointed is the right word I think. Could be oh so much better, but Microsoft blew it if it is going to be black and white.

2 thoughts on “Not impressed with Virtual Earth

  1. Well, I definately know the photos from my town are older… I’m guessing the photos that were taken of my area were taken sometime in the mid to late 90s because A. the new houses on my street aren’t in the photo and B. my house in the picture is the same shape as it is now which means the picture was taken post-1994 because that’s when we added onto the house.

    The addresses locators are wrong though. I typed in my address, and it tried to tell me my address was one house sooner than it really is.

    I’m kinda dissapointed with both map systems though…

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