Podcasting is great

A few days ago when iTunes 4.9 came out, I finally came up with the excuse of checking out podcasting. Given that I just got a new iPod a few weeks ago…it made sense to try it out.

I only have a few podcasts so far: This Week in Tech, MacCast, iTunes New Music Tuesdays, and Inside Mac Radio…but I am seriously impressed with the quality of podcasts I have found so far and the possibilities this brings.

Apple made it pretty easy to subscribe to podcasts and keep them up-to-date. There still needs to be some refinement and organization, but I really like how they integrated it into iTunes.

This Week In Tech is stellar so far. I am about halfway through episode 11 and I am already hooked. My girlfriend looked at the title of what was playing on my iPod just now and just shook her head, knowing how I was getting my geek fix and totally not being impressed.