Laptop on its way back

Called BestBuy today and it looks like my laptop will be arriving tomorrow given that UPS in Chelmsford, MA currently has it. The odd part was that I passed Chelmsford today twice while going to and returning from a client in Hudson, MA, a trip that I make maybe once a year. Small world I guess.

According to BestBuy, the fan in the laptop was replaced and everything seems normal. Sounds good to me, I’m sick of this 500 MHz old laptop I’m using. I need that good old speed back please.

A sidenote: Bloglines has an awsome feature that lets you input a tracking number and keep track of packages you ship. While I have known about it for awhile, I never used it until today. Really cool and I assume Bloglines has a feed update for it when a new addition is made to your tracking status.