Rest coming up

If you know me well, you know that I don’t take many vacations (I can count maybe 2 full week ones since my sophmore year of college) and work a ton. Well, coming in September/October I will be taking a few long weeks.

First off is Labor Day weekend with an extra day on Tuesday off for a full 4 days. Plan on completely cleaning out the apartment and the closets here in preparation for a community yard sale at our condo complex. It is probably going to take 4 days to clean up everything!

Next is September 30th to October 2nd. Katie and I are taking a three day weekend to go up to North Conway. We already got our hotel booked and we are working on where we want to go. Nothing like foliage in New Hampshire. We plan on taking the Cog Railroad, something that neither of us has done despite being New Hampshire residents our entire lives. It should be relaxing, fun, and quite beautiful.

It is a good thing these little mini vacations are coming up. I need one.