This high school gets it

High school trades textbooks for laptops –

It is amazing to think back to high school and college. You know how much money must have been spent for getting me textbooks (both from taxpayer’s wallets and my own) that I did not enjoy reading or didn’t even have to read?

Out of the $900 per year I spent on textbooks in college, I probably got maybe $100 worth of information out of them. Don’t get me started on the out of date textbooks in elementary school and high school.

It wasn’t from lack of effort. It was from lack of well written information in these books or a teacher’s non-use of the books in the classroom. No wonder in high school my grades weren’t exactly stellar (B average)…the Internet for research purposes back then (1996-2000) wasn’t close to what it is today. No Google, no Wikipedia, nothing remotely close.

All the learning I did in college I tried to do via the computer and Internet, even if a professor assigned us reading work in a book. Oh I would read the book…I would just then go online and figure out what I just read. I think it paid off…a 3.73 GPA in college and a much better understanding of the world.

Mark my words. The sooner every school moves to computers for learning and eliminates textbooks, the better.

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