What is in my start menu?

Neil and Ed have done one, so it is my turn. What is on my Windows XP Start Menu:

  • Mozilla Firefox – Best & most secure web browser out there
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – Best & most secure e-mail client
  • Internet Explorer – For testing
  • AIM (with Ad Hack) – The AIM client at its best, although the beta client has some serious promise.
  • Microsoft Word 2003 – For word processing
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 – For spreadsheets
  • iTunes – For music and podcasts
  • Nero Express – For burning cd’s, nothing matches Nero
  • Picasa2 – Best photo program on Windows and its free
  • SmartFTP – Great FTP client
  • Exact Audio Copy – Best CD ripper out there

I don’t use the quick launch bar.