The Facebook

Looks like The Facebook finally added SNHU (they list it as S. New Hampshire) last night. I was the first one from SNHU to add themselves on there…within a hour there were over 20 people added.

The cool part is not so much the college part (granted few of my friends are on there so far), but the high school part. I already added several friends from high school so I can keep track to what they are up to. It is really neat. I can see why this site is so popular now.

2 thoughts on “The Facebook

  1. Massive jealousness on my part. From what I’ve gathered, if your college doesn’t give out email addresses, they won’t add your college… I somehow don’t think that’s fair.

  2. I believe limiting it to .edu e-mail addresses really blocks out any attempt by spammers and idiots to get on there. Very successful from what I can tell, even though there is that annoyance of needing a .edu address (however once you sign up, you can designate another e-mail as your contact e-mail).

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