iTunes Re-Rating

I have been trying to do that rating system for awhile, but it is just too easy to give out a 4 or 5 star rating! I have to learn to be a little more objective in some of the songs I give those ratings to.

Commodore 64

Paul Thurott has a post on his blog about a book on the Commodore 64. The first computer my family ever owned was a 64, way back around 1984-1985 when I was 2-3 years old. Those were the best machines. Amazing how good those things were, especially at games. Those machines never died too, years […]

Extra hour!

Well I took full advantage of my extra hour of sleep last night. Nothing like getting up when it used to be 10:00 and is now 9:00! I didn’t have many clocks to reset this time around, compared to when I used to live with my parents. Just 1 analog clock, 1 digital alarm clock, […]

Linux? Me?

I’m seriously thinking about giving Linux a try on my laptop this weekend. I am burning as we speak a Ubuntu LiveCD to try out. I also downloaded and burned OpenSUSE 10. I am really tempted. As I look on my laptop, the only applications I would have a hard time replacing are Picasa and […]