Commodore 64

Paul Thurott has a post on his blog about a book on the Commodore 64. The first computer my family ever owned was a 64, way back around 1984-1985 when I was 2-3 years old.

Those were the best machines. Amazing how good those things were, especially at games. Those machines never died too, years later around 1992-1993, my elementary school still had a bunch of those in classrooms. To this day, I can’t decide if it was because they were so good or because my school was so cheap that they couldn’t upgrade them. Probably both.

Extra hour!

Well I took full advantage of my extra hour of sleep last night. Nothing like getting up when it used to be 10:00 and is now 9:00!

I didn’t have many clocks to reset this time around, compared to when I used to live with my parents. Just 1 analog clock, 1 digital alarm clock, and the microwave clock. The rest (two cell phones and computers) reset automatically.

Oh I just remembered, I have to reset my car clock. Time to pull out the manual for my radio, because I never remember how to do it. Maybe I will actually do it today, instead of waiting a few weeks and mentally adding/subtracting a hour like I usually do!

Linux is definitely not ready

I spent the day trying out two distributions of Linux: OpenSUSE 10 and Ubuntu 5.10. The main reason behind this was sheer boredom and the need for a challenge. I also wanted to learn an OS that I simply do not have much knowledge of outside a few random tries over the years. Plus, if I could ever switch from Windows (realistically), I would in a heartbeat.

I will say it now: Linux is NOT ready for everyday use by me.

I went in with as open of a mind. However, when it takes over 3 hours to get wireless networking working in OpenSUSE and NEVER getting it working in Ubuntu, you know something has horribly gone wrong.

What Linux needs to get me to switch:

  1. I maybe old fashioned, but both KDE and Gnome seem to be unpolished in many areas. It just didn’t feel right. Buttons being too big, menu’s organized very well in some areas and awful in other areas…it just didn’t feel well thought out.
  2. Linux wireless networking SUCKS. It is horrible and I wish all of the current ways to supposedly get it working die a horrible/painful death. It may work with an open network or WEP encryption (sometimes), but if you use WPA forget it.
  3. Fonts suck on Linux too. I installed some truetype ones and they still suck.
  4. If I was forced to use it for a week, I could probably come up with more reasons.

Now what I liked about Linux?

  1. It is amazing how fast an OS could be when you don’t have crap like antivirus programs running in the background sucking up memory and CPU. Ubuntu literally feels so fast, I love it.
  2. I loved it how I could easily add/remove/update every application on the system in meer minutes, from one central program. Windows needs this so bad it hurts. Why Microsoft never made Windows Update an one-stop shop for every Windows program out there is beyond me.
  3. It was quite interesting using something that I never used before

In the end though, if I can’t get something as simple as wireless working within 1 minute, then it isn’t worth my time. With Windows, when I insert the wireless card the first time, Windows pops up asking for the driver, I point it to the CD, and it installs. Click the little wireless icon in the systme tray, connect to my wireless network with WPA, wham, all set.

Why can’t Linux be that easy?

I can’t wait till Intel Macs come out. I have a sneaky feeling I’ll be first in line. Windows has to go, but right now there is no alternative.

Linux? Me?

I’m seriously thinking about giving Linux a try on my laptop this weekend. I am burning as we speak a Ubuntu LiveCD to try out. I also downloaded and burned OpenSUSE 10.

I am really tempted. As I look on my laptop, the only applications I would have a hard time replacing are Picasa and iTunes, although I heard amaroK is very good.

We’ll see how this goes. Let’s pop in this LiveCD….

Comcast offers free Mcafee products

I have just taken advantage of a “free offer” from Comcast for a free copy of McAfee Viruscan 10. I am not going to use their firewall product or their privacy product. No need, they are more pain then they are worth.

I am tired of using Symantec’s antivirus products, I want to see what other options are out there, especially when my job requires me to advise clients of their best options. It is good to get a little more well rounded on what is out there. I have heard good things recently about McAfee (specifically their enterprise products), so this is a good chance to get a “free” trial.

I haven’t used McAfee since it was on the computers at high school 8 years ago. What a horrible experience that was, let’s see if McAfee got its act together.

If it stinks, I can always go back to what I used before…

Akismet – The Solution to Blog Spam?

Matt, the famous creator of WordPress, has announced a new way to prevent blog spam called Akismet.

It sounds like every comment on a blog is sent to a central server, checked to make sure it isn’t spam, and then either rejected or approved. The idea sounds really interesting and worth trying out, so I just installed it here. Combined with Bad Behavior (which is still needed according to its author), this should be very interesting to watch.