Comcast offers free Mcafee products

I have just taken advantage of a “free offer” from Comcast for a free copy of McAfee Viruscan 10. I am not going to use their firewall product or their privacy product. No need, they are more pain then they are worth.

I am tired of using Symantec’s antivirus products, I want to see what other options are out there, especially when my job requires me to advise clients of their best options. It is good to get a little more well rounded on what is out there. I have heard good things recently about McAfee (specifically their enterprise products), so this is a good chance to get a “free” trial.

I haven’t used McAfee since it was on the computers at high school 8 years ago. What a horrible experience that was, let’s see if McAfee got its act together.

If it stinks, I can always go back to what I used before…