2006 Predictions

Well everyone is doing them, so I might as well join in…

  • Apple will come out with at least one Intel laptop in January and will completely switch to an Intel-based lineup by Fall 2006.
  • Firefox will reach 15% of the browser market.
  • I will not get in 1 car accident in 2006. I already passed my quota in 2005.
  • Windows Vista will be delayed and won’t be released in 2006.
  • IE 7 will be a flop in terms of reversing IE’s slide in the browser market.
  • Web applications (Gmail, Flickr, Writely, etc.) will become mainstream.
  • Someone will figure out how to make all of the files from these web apps to be synced with your computer, so you basically have access to them wherever you go.
  • Google will finally release Google Calender and completely take over that market.
  • Google will finally give you the ability to upload old e-mail archives to Gmail.
  • Someone will figure out how to do put a fully functional and usable office suite online.
  • A plugin to search Gmail will be released to Spotlight.
  • Mozilla Lightning actually makes an appearance. Whether it will actually be usable at that point is another question entirely.
  • GTalk and AIM will finally chat together. Everyone will switch to Google Talk or compatible 3rd-party client as a result, resulting in AIM being relegated to people who don’t know better.
  • Skype will open its network up to other providers.
  • The major IM networks will finally work with each other. No longer do you need 3 IM clients.
  • A Web 2.0 startup will actually not sell itself after generating buzz.
  • Apple will make iWork into a full-fledged Microsoft Office kiler.
  • Apple’s marketshare will reach 8 percent.
  • Apple somehow makes iPhoto better the Picasa.