So far so good

I haven’t nearly played with my Mac this first week as much as I wanted to. That doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying it when I can use it!

What strikes me about it is how simple using a computer is. I am struck (especially how I still use a Windows laptop for work) how much I don’t need to do with a Mac. Not as many workarounds, no antivirus software to worry about, no constantly being careful when I open IE…the list goes on.

Want to install a program? Download it, drag it to the Applications folder. Want to delete a program do the opposite, except dragging it to the trash.

I started playing with Dashboard last night. Pretty cool, although I haven’t found any widgets that I really would use yet.

Time for some more mac adventures. Plus some screenshots to show it off. I promise.

The Mac just works. It feels the way a computer should feel.

One thought on “So far so good

  1. I found the same thing. Pretty much anything you can do on a Mac you can also do on a PC, it’s just that on a Mac it’s simpler and prettier.

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