Tomorrow Katie and I are going to the Apple Store in Salem, NH so she can buy an iPod Shuffle with a gift certificate her dad gave her. Perfect timing really, as she is going to fly out to Florida tomorrow to be with her mom & sister during Christmas. So assuming the Salem store actually has iPod Shuffles in stock (she is going to get the 512MB model), she should have one for her flight, which she will love.
My bro Dan will be over tomorrow night and then Justin will be taking a bus to Manchester on Friday. The three of us are then going to drive up to Sunapee for Christmas.

It is going to be really weird not being with Katie during Christmas. I guess that whole missing her thing will hit pretty hard this weekend. But it should be a good break and we are going to actually celebrate our Christmas tomorrow morning together. So maybe it won’t be bad. I know it will be good to see my family and relatives again. I was with Katie’s family for Thanksgiving, so it has been a long time since I have seen a few family members.

Oh did I mention I hate car insurance companies?

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