Goodbye Saturn, Hello Subaru?

Yesterday I found out that my 2000 Saturn SL1 was declared a total loss. It was rear-ended last month and apparently there was a lot of internal damage in the back. Just cheaper for the insurance company to cut me a check for the car’s worth then to repair it. I lucked out and it was about a $75 difference between what the insurance company will pay and what was left on my loan.

Today I saw the Saturn for the last time. I went to the auto body shop where it was going to be repaired and took out whatever I had left in it. Most important was my E-Z Pass (can’t believe I forgot it last time) and my car stereo. Thankfully someone there helped me get that stereo out, I never would be able to get it out myself.

It was quite amazing to see the Saturn there with the back of the car (except the trunk) and both rear doors had the outside stripped off. You could see where all the damage was pretty clearly on the frame and underneath.

Afterwards, we (as in my parents and fiancee) did some car shopping since I lose rental coverage on Wednesday. We amazingly found something that fits me perfectly on the 1st day of looking. It is a 2002 Subaru Forester L, red, all-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, AC, fog lights, cassette/cd, etc. I was so impressed with how smoothly it drives and how new it looked (it literally looked like it never had been driven before).

Subaru Forester’s are among the safest cars on the road and are excellent in the snow. Exactly what I need, especially with all of the traveling I do.

I put a deposit down to have the dealer hold it overnight while I think about it. However, I think I made my decision…I am going to get it. The insurance looks like it will go up just $7 per month and it looks like my budget can handle the payments.

I have to call tomorrow before 2 PM and confirm/deny what I am doing. I really think this car is the right move for me.

One thought on “Goodbye Saturn, Hello Subaru?

  1. Dude, hold out for a Forester XT. Tooooorrbuuuuuuuuuuu! Good choice either way, the little boxer engines go forever.

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