This age we are in

Last night around 11pm, I was talking with my mom on the phone. My parents and my youngest brother Dan were off in California on a mini-vacation, checking out a bunch of colleges between San Diego and San Francisco. They were nearing the end of a 300 mile trip from Santa Barbara to Sunnyvale.

So they told me a particular city (Santa Cruz) they had just passed on Route 17. I fired up Google Maps and managed to figure out exactly where they were. Pretty cool basically following them to their hotel. Soon I was giving them directions, such as how far they were from a particular street, and all of that.

What an age we are in. Even 2 years ago, you would basically have to dig out a traditional map, follow some weird key (such as F26 for Santa Cruz) and hope to find what I am looking for within 10-15 minutes. Now I can just type it in and litterally seconds I get the exact route, know what landmarks I pass, and so on.

Amazing age we are in.

Pitchers and Catchers Reporting

When you see “pitchers and catchers” reporting, that means two things: spring is around the corner and baseball is almost here.

Today the 2006 Boston Red Sox start their road to a championship. There is nothing that can put a smile on a winter-weary New Englander faster then saying Spring Training.

Powerball record drawing tonight

Powerball, one of those super lotteries here in the U.S. is having its largest ever jackpot tonight: $365 million.

Katie and I already bought one ticket apiece. However I am going to go out in a few minutes to pick up tickets for my parents and my brother Justin. My parents are out in California at the moment touring colleges with my brother Dan, while Justin is at college in Boston, which doesn’t have Powerball.

Not being greedy or anything, but can’t at least 4 of the numbers (plus the Powerball number) match what I have? Please?

Update: No luck for me tonight. Not a single number.

That "Whir" Song

Just now I was listening to some tunes while surfing the net and iTunes starts playing the next song in an endless shuffle. That song stops me dead in my tracks. Made me crack a smile and think back to a good memory of mine.

Back in high school (man does that feel so long ago or what), circa 1999, we had an interesting assignment in my English class. My English teacher wanted us to pick one of our favorite songs and  basically tear it apart to find out the meaning of its lyrics. At the time, I had this illusion that I actually could play the guitar (sorta), so I had been writing a ton of lyrics to try to go with my 2 chord songs. So this assignment really struck a cord with me and I went off looking for a song to deconstruct.

That night, while listening to some mp3’s on my computer, I stumbled across a song from a Smashing Pumpkins B-Sides album named “Pisces Iscariot.” So I started listening to it, knowing that good old Billy Corgan had a way of really putting some interesting concepts and thougths into his lyrics.

Track #4 starts to play. A very soft and sappy song, with a single acoustic guitar strumming at first then the rest of the band joining in. One of those delicate and perfect songs that catches you right away. And at the time, the lyrics struck something I had been through, so it was one of those “someone is feeling what I am feeling” moments that angst filled teenagers tend to have fairly often.

Anyways, I deconstructed the lyrics to that song and did a whole paper on basically each line of the lyrics, along with what I thought Corgan was trying to say. If I recall correctly, I received an A+ on the paper and I had parts of it read out in class. One of my favorite moments where something in high school interested me to the point that I was proud of what I did. I wish more school’s did school work like that…assignments that a student could relate to.
That song was “Whir”. Of course it comes on tonight when I am using the computer. Makes me think of those high school years, so far away, just like the fading acoustic guitar in that song…

And the tunes are roaring in my head

You know that feeling, when you are listening to music say in your car, via headphones, or really anywhere…where the song choices just match the mood you are in right now? Like nothing can be more right or wrong, that everything is going well?

Really weird, but I am having one of those moments. I am just using my computer though while listening to these wonderful tunes, doing nothing really special outside of typing this entry right now and browsing my RSS feed list.

Yet I have that feeling, when the best tunes come on and all you can do is smile. Amazing how good music can be when its get down to its purest form, without all of that commercialization.

Super Bowl XL

Well time for that Super Bowl XL post.

I have had a hard time getting into this year’s Super Bowl. Any other year and I would be dissecting every angle of the game, trying to figure out who has a chance to win. I would be having many conversations with co-workers, friends, and family about the matchups. After all, the Super Bowl is the cap to the football season…even if your team isn’t in it. Heck, growing up, having the Patriots in the Super Bowl seemed like a bonus.

The Patriots not being in it for the first time since 2002 has put me in a depressed mode though. When you are emotionally involved in three out of the past four Super Bowls (nevermind having that “oh my god we won” feeling in each of those three appearances), you get used to that feeling that the Pats were invincible…that nothing could take them down.

Even in that awful game against Denver, when Brady suddenly became mortal for the first time in his playoff career…every Pats fan still had that feeling that we could somehow, someway, figure out a way to write a comeback again. Our luck ran out though.

Right now I am watching the hour 20 of the pregame show (this almost feels like an episode of 24) and I still can’t get into it like I used to. You win so much in a four season period and it just feels weird not playing in early February.

So onto the game…

I think Seattle can pull this one out. I’m going to say 28-24 Seattle. Should be a great game between two very good/solid teams.

As long as the Steelers lose, I am happy 🙂