Super Bowl XL

Well time for that Super Bowl XL post.

I have had a hard time getting into this year’s Super Bowl. Any other year and I would be dissecting every angle of the game, trying to figure out who has a chance to win. I would be having many conversations with co-workers, friends, and family about the matchups. After all, the Super Bowl is the cap to the football season…even if your team isn’t in it. Heck, growing up, having the Patriots in the Super Bowl seemed like a bonus.

The Patriots not being in it for the first time since 2002 has put me in a depressed mode though. When you are emotionally involved in three out of the past four Super Bowls (nevermind having that “oh my god we won” feeling in each of those three appearances), you get used to that feeling that the Pats were invincible…that nothing could take them down.

Even in that awful game against Denver, when Brady suddenly became mortal for the first time in his playoff career…every Pats fan still had that feeling that we could somehow, someway, figure out a way to write a comeback again. Our luck ran out though.

Right now I am watching the hour 20 of the pregame show (this almost feels like an episode of 24) and I still can’t get into it like I used to. You win so much in a four season period and it just feels weird not playing in early February.

So onto the game…

I think Seattle can pull this one out. I’m going to say 28-24 Seattle. Should be a great game between two very good/solid teams.

As long as the Steelers lose, I am happy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl XL

  1. The Super Bowl is currently at halftime, and the Seattle Seahawks are trailing. There are so many Pittsburgh Steelers fans at the game it might be tough for Seattle to rally. Perhaps next year your Patriots will make it back to the Super Bowl.

    Second Half is about to start!

    DR U

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