That "Whir" Song

Just now I was listening to some tunes while surfing the net and iTunes starts playing the next song in an endless shuffle. That song stops me dead in my tracks. Made me crack a smile and think back to a good memory of mine.

Back in high school (man does that feel so long ago or what), circa 1999, we had an interesting assignment in my English class. My English teacher wanted us to pick one of our favorite songs and  basically tear it apart to find out the meaning of its lyrics. At the time, I had this illusion that I actually could play the guitar (sorta), so I had been writing a ton of lyrics to try to go with my 2 chord songs. So this assignment really struck a cord with me and I went off looking for a song to deconstruct.

That night, while listening to some mp3’s on my computer, I stumbled across a song from a Smashing Pumpkins B-Sides album named “Pisces Iscariot.” So I started listening to it, knowing that good old Billy Corgan had a way of really putting some interesting concepts and thougths into his lyrics.

Track #4 starts to play. A very soft and sappy song, with a single acoustic guitar strumming at first then the rest of the band joining in. One of those delicate and perfect songs that catches you right away. And at the time, the lyrics struck something I had been through, so it was one of those “someone is feeling what I am feeling” moments that angst filled teenagers tend to have fairly often.

Anyways, I deconstructed the lyrics to that song and did a whole paper on basically each line of the lyrics, along with what I thought Corgan was trying to say. If I recall correctly, I received an A+ on the paper and I had parts of it read out in class. One of my favorite moments where something in high school interested me to the point that I was proud of what I did. I wish more school’s did school work like that…assignments that a student could relate to.
That song was “Whir”. Of course it comes on tonight when I am using the computer. Makes me think of those high school years, so far away, just like the fading acoustic guitar in that song…