Super Tuesday

2006 has been rather boring in regards to new albums and music. I don’t think I have bought a single recently released CD since last year. You would think the record companies would get a hint.

Well finally there are some good CD’s coming out this Tuesday:

Been a long time since even three good bands released new albums on the same day.

I will definitely be purchasing Pearl Jam’s and Tool’s new albums. Not sure about Thursday yet.

And the shortstop is…

I had my first softball practice today and overall I thought it went pretty well. Since I really haven’t played organized baseball in 10 years and haven’t played softball ever, I thought I did very well.

The coach decided to stick me at shortstop, since I said I had good speed and no one else wanted to play it. I never played shortstop on any team before, so this was new to me and it showed. I really booted a few ground balls I should have had early on, mostly due to me not being used to the position. One thing I need to work on is hard hit ground balls and the bounces they sometimes take.

However as practice moved on, I started to make some really nice plays, such as on one ball ranging far to my right, grabbing the ball with my glove, setting my feet and throwing a strike to 1st base. I think I have good enough range to play shortstop, I really just need practice on ground balls hit at me.

Hitting was another thing as well, especially when I used a bat that was clearly too long for me. It took a good 5 or so swings before I started making contact. However, by the end of my batting practice, I was hitting very solid line drives into the OF and getting good contact. Nothing spectacular, but I should do fine, especially if they get some more bats that are my size. I should be able to get a decent amount of hits.

Overall I like our team. We won’t go 16-0, but we should do a solid job. First game is Tuesday, so I will write up how I do and try to keep some basic stats throughout the season.

Bad Behavior 2.0 alpha 3

I have installed Bad Behavior 2.0 Alpha 3 on my site. Akismet has been very effective (maybe 1 or 2 spam are missed per 300-400 comment spam with no false positives), but I had to go through the 400+ comment spam it catches every 2-3 days and I would love if the obvious stuff is just blocked before it reaches Akismet. The less work I have to do with comment spam, the better.

So Bad Behavior will be combined with Akismet to effectively shut any chance of a comment spammer getting a comment posted on this site. If Bad Behavior misses it, Akismet should catch it. Already this morning, 47 spam attempts were blocked by Bad Behavior. Fantastic!

Time to make a fool out of myself

Tomorrow will be my first practice on the company softball team. Seeing how I haven’t played a real game of softball during my life and I haven’t played baseball since high school, this should be interesting. What are the odds I will make a fool out of myself? At least I have my co-workers making fools out of themselves too!

On a more serious note, I almost felt like a little kid last weekend when I went to a sporting goods store and bought my first new glove in probably 10 years. Spent the past week breaking it in and it feels pretty good. Needs some real game action to truly feel right, but that is coming real soon. Game #1 of my softball career is this Tuesday, May 2nd.

Back in high school, I always thought I was a decent hitter…although my fielding could have used some work. Injuries are what derailed my hopes of playing varsity baseball, but oh well.

The league I will be playing in is a coed league and is semi-serious (ie: everyone has fun, but you still try hard).

So I can’t be any worse then anyone else on the field…

Virus/phishing hybrid?

Ed Bott is reporting that some customers of American Express have experienced a new type of phishing that at least I haven’t seen yet. It looks like it is some type of spyware/malware on a computer that recognizes when you visit a site like American Express.

Extremely scary and I cannot imagine how many people are getting hit by this or other similar scams. Without up-to-date antivirus software, installing a hardware firewall, spyware potection, Windows Update always checking/installing updates, switching to Firefox, even switching to a Mac, etc….I don’t know what else can be done.

Problem is, I’d say a good 80+% of users have no clue about how to protect a computer properly. I fear it is going to get even worse as these bad guys get even better in hiding their work on unsuspecting computers.

It is the one thing I worry about when I visit friends or relatives. Without me constantly watching their comptuers, I just know at some point something will slip through a crack and cause some real pain, not something that a simple virus/spyware scan will resolve.

Opening Day '06

There is nothing that says “spring is here” better then Red Sox Opening Day. Of course it will be a 2 PM game today, which means I will be staring at the GameCast feed of the game…but hey, it is baseball.

Day Two of the new job is today. This should be interesting as I try to get a routine going and try to learn more then 3 names.

The first day

The first day at the new job went very well. Except for the fact I remembered exactly 3 names out of probably 100+ people I met. That is something that always takes some time with me…remembering everyone’s names.

It is a change of pace with no traveling and I think I am going to enjoy it.