Super Tuesday

2006 has been rather boring in regards to new albums and music. I don’t think I have bought a single recently released CD since last year. You would think the record companies would get a hint. Well finally there are some good CD’s coming out this Tuesday: Pearl Jam “Pearl Jam” Tool “10,000 Days” Thursday […]

And the shortstop is…

I had my first softball practice today and overall I thought it went pretty well. Since I really haven’t played organized baseball in 10 years and haven’t played softball ever, I thought I did very well. The coach decided to stick me at shortstop, since I said I had good speed and no one else […]

Bad Behavior 2.0 alpha 3

I have installed Bad Behavior 2.0 Alpha 3 on my site. Akismet has been very effective (maybe 1 or 2 spam are missed per 300-400 comment spam with no false positives), but I had to go through the 400+ comment spam it catches every 2-3 days and I would love if the obvious stuff is […]

Time to make a fool out of myself

Tomorrow will be my first practice on the company softball team. Seeing how I haven’t played a real game of softball during my life and I haven’t played baseball since high school, this should be interesting. What are the odds I will make a fool out of myself? At least I have my co-workers making […]

Virus/phishing hybrid?

Ed Bott is reporting that some customers of American Express have experienced a new type of phishing that at least I haven’t seen yet. It looks like it is some type of spyware/malware on a computer that recognizes when you visit a site like American Express. Extremely scary and I cannot imagine how many people […]

Opening Day '06

There is nothing that says “spring is here” better then Red Sox Opening Day. Of course it will be a 2 PM game today, which means I will be staring at the GameCast feed of the game…but hey, it is baseball. Day Two of the new job is today. This should be interesting as I […]

The first day

The first day at the new job went very well. Except for the fact I remembered exactly 3 names out of probably 100+ people I met. That is something that always takes some time with me…remembering everyone’s names. It is a change of pace with no traveling and I think I am going to enjoy […]