And the shortstop is…

I had my first softball practice today and overall I thought it went pretty well. Since I really haven’t played organized baseball in 10 years and haven’t played softball ever, I thought I did very well.

The coach decided to stick me at shortstop, since I said I had good speed and no one else wanted to play it. I never played shortstop on any team before, so this was new to me and it showed. I really booted a few ground balls I should have had early on, mostly due to me not being used to the position. One thing I need to work on is hard hit ground balls and the bounces they sometimes take.

However as practice moved on, I started to make some really nice plays, such as on one ball ranging far to my right, grabbing the ball with my glove, setting my feet and throwing a strike to 1st base. I think I have good enough range to play shortstop, I really just need practice on ground balls hit at me.

Hitting was another thing as well, especially when I used a bat that was clearly too long for me. It took a good 5 or so swings before I started making contact. However, by the end of my batting practice, I was hitting very solid line drives into the OF and getting good contact. Nothing spectacular, but I should do fine, especially if they get some more bats that are my size. I should be able to get a decent amount of hits.

Overall I like our team. We won’t go 16-0, but we should do a solid job. First game is Tuesday, so I will write up how I do and try to keep some basic stats throughout the season.