Time to make a fool out of myself

Tomorrow will be my first practice on the company softball team. Seeing how I haven’t played a real game of softball during my life and I haven’t played baseball since high school, this should be interesting. What are the odds I will make a fool out of myself? At least I have my co-workers making fools out of themselves too!

On a more serious note, I almost felt like a little kid last weekend when I went to a sporting goods store and bought my first new glove in probably 10 years. Spent the past week breaking it in and it feels pretty good. Needs some real game action to truly feel right, but that is coming real soon. Game #1 of my softball career is this Tuesday, May 2nd.

Back in high school, I always thought I was a decent hitter…although my fielding could have used some work. Injuries are what derailed my hopes of playing varsity baseball, but oh well.

The league I will be playing in is a coed league and is semi-serious (ie: everyone has fun, but you still try hard).

So I can’t be any worse then anyone else on the field…