Virus/phishing hybrid?

Ed Bott is reporting that some customers of American Express have experienced a new type of phishing that at least I haven’t seen yet. It looks like it is some type of spyware/malware on a computer that recognizes when you visit a site like American Express.

Extremely scary and I cannot imagine how many people are getting hit by this or other similar scams. Without up-to-date antivirus software, installing a hardware firewall, spyware potection, Windows Update always checking/installing updates, switching to Firefox, even switching to a Mac, etc….I don’t know what else can be done.

Problem is, I’d say a good 80+% of users have no clue about how to protect a computer properly. I fear it is going to get even worse as these bad guys get even better in hiding their work on unsuspecting computers.

It is the one thing I worry about when I visit friends or relatives. Without me constantly watching their comptuers, I just know at some point something will slip through a crack and cause some real pain, not something that a simple virus/spyware scan will resolve.