Memorial Day 2006

I just want to wish a Happy Memorial Day to all of the veterans and those we lost over the years. My family has a lot of veterans in it. My mom did a lot of research and found out that one family member fought in the Civil War (I believe for the Union if […]

I am an Apple whore

Yesterday I purchased a brand new Apple Macbook (Black) from the Apple Store in Salem, NH. I know a collective “WHAT?” just came from those who know me, especially since I just bought an iMac 6 months ago. The main reason is I really missed having a laptop. Being able to bring your computer wherever […]


One of my birthday (it was yesterday, May 11th) presents was some scratch tickets from my parents. The 1st one was a dud, but man do I like the 2nd one. $80! First time I have ever won more then $5 on one of these.

First Game

Well the first softball game didn’t go well (I think we lost 18-5 or some crazy score like that). Good news is I played about half of the game in right field and went 1-2 with a hard line drive single to left field at the plate. What a cold and wet night for softball […]

The new album smell

There is nothing better then the feeling you get when you buy a newly released album the day it comes out, pop it in the car stereo while still in the parking lot, briefly looking at the artwork and jewel case insert, and blasting it as loud as you can take it while heading home […]