Memorial Day 2006

I just want to wish a Happy Memorial Day to all of the veterans and those we lost over the years.

My family has a lot of veterans in it. My mom did a lot of research and found out that one family member fought in the Civil War (I believe for the Union if memory serves right) and was buried if I am not mistaken in New Orleans.

My Great-Grandfather Smart fought in World War II’s Battle of the Bulge and received a Purple Heart when he nearly lost his arm. He died a few years ago at the age of 92 if I remember right…quite amazing he lasted so long. My Great-Grandfather Gonyea served in the National Guard with amazingly, my Mom’s father. I believe it was during Korea, although I might be wrong on this.

My other grandfather, my Dad’s father, served in Korea. He was a mindsweeper and of the unit he was with during the war, just him and one other soldier were the remaining original members when they went back to the states. The rest either died or were wounded.

I also believe my late Uncle Andy (who I never met) also served, although I know nothing about his time there.

I have a cousin who is currently in the Coast Guard and has faced some of the toughest things you can on the ocean. I have several friends currently in the military, including one in Iraq right now, another who has served in Iraq and could return anytime now, and I heard rumors of another one in Afghanistan.
Happy Memorial Day to you all.