Random notes and thoughts

Here are some random notes and thoughts…

  • The new Macbook absolutely positively rocks. I have started to write a very in-depth review of it and hope to have it done by the weekend. I never had so much fun using a computer before. While the iMac G5 was an awsome re-introduction into the Mac world, the Macbook is what makes me want to stay.
  • NeoOffice, the OS X version of OpenOffice.org, has just released version 2.0 Alpha 3. The cool thing is that an Intel-ready version is going to be released in the next month or so. I really want to forget about Microsoft Office, somehow…so let’s hope it comes soon. Apple get with the program and release a complete iWork!
  • What an excellent season 5 finale to 24. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but it is everything we could ask for.
  • Did I mention that the Macbook rocks?
  • Congraduations to my brother Justin, who graduated from MassArt in Boston with a degree in Graphic Design last Friday. Best of luck in the future.
  • The Red Sox are taking on the Yankees again. Nothing better in baseball, outside of the playoffs and a ring.
  • The season finale of Lost is Wednesday. I don’t know what I am going to do when I can’t watch Lost or 24 this summer.
  • After the great Flood of 2006 took out another softball game last week, tomorrow will be the first time in 2 weeks that the team has touched a field…nevermind play a game. Well, it should be interesting and fun! Let’s hope I improve on my 1 for 2 start at the plate.

One thought on “Random notes and thoughts

  1. NeoOffice 2 is good. It’s still very slow, but brings with it all of the niceties that OpenOffice.org had, like full OpenDocument support and a database component. The interface is a bit better, though still not yet very Mac-like.

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