$1 a Segway ride = help to a good cause

Earlier this week I was asked by my work to come in for two hours on Saturday. Why? Because my task was to give Segway rides at a soccer tournament next door at a local college to anyone willing to pay $1. Every cent would go towards the Make-A-Wish foundation in their effort to help out a young local girl in her battle against a horrific disease.

I jumped at the opportunity, even though the weather outlook wasn’t too pleasant. There was definitely going to be rain according to the forecast, the question was when it would stop. We lucked out, as the rain just about stopped during my drive into Concord.

I arrived around 10:30 this morning and quickly got brought the Segway over to the soccer field. The funniest moment of the day came right away, was a team of 9-year-old girls, who yell out “Nice ride!” as I drove the Segway in. They then asked me what I was doing.

“Giving rides” was my response.

Instantly (as in, within 5 seconds), a line of about eight girls was created. I then told them that it was a $1 per ride. The whole line immediantly disappeared, as an army of girls ran to their parents screaming for dollar bills. I could not help but laugh as I watched.

A minute later, after I gave a brief demonstration on how it works, I began to give rides. It is amazing how quick kids are at learning these days. While I held on the Segway from the side sometimes, many of the kids only required help when they were trying to slow down or turn. The grins and yells of joy I will never forget.

The rides kept coming. Some repeat customers (I think one girl and boy both had 6 rides apiece), but many new kids and even some parents taking turns. One kid, maybe 6-years-old tops, nearly ran me over trying to turn, which brought the crowd to a hystrical laughter as the kid grinned, thinking it was the best thing ever.

I raised a total of $86 in my 2 1/2 hours of Segway rides. Not all of those were rides, as several parents gave $5 bills to pay for a ride and didn’t want change since it was going to a good cause.

I estimate about 70 rides total were given, with the vast majority in the first hour and a half of the rides.

It is good to feel like I contributed to something special.